Cadets program

The "Navigation Maritime Bulgare" cadet’s program ensures Company support to young people at the beginning of their career and gives them the opportunity for professional growth and development with guaranteed excellent social status.

The basic goal of the program is to provide students at the age between 20 and 33 to start their career as highly motivated and qualified marine specialists raising the authority of “Navigation Maritime Bulgare”.

Тhe Company implements the cadet program in  close cooperation with reliable manning agent, who makes the selection of trainees successfully completed their third year of education and higher, studying for Watch-keeping officers, Engine watch-keeping officers and Ellectricians.
After acquiring their first marine degree the trainees will have the opportunity to
continue their professional development on board the ships operated by “Navigation Maritime Bulgare”. 

Candidates interested to join the program shall submit an application form to the Center for professional education in "Navigation Maritime Bulgare".

Necessary documents:

  1. Application Form for cadets program;
  2. Certificate / Diploma from the University;
  3. Convention Status Certificate.

Documents can be submitted every working day from 17.09.2018 till 30.11.2018, from 15:00 hours to 17:00 hours.

Application Form for cadets program [ Type: DOC , Size: 78KB ]
Additional information can be obtained at:
Center for vocational education and training
Blvd. Primorski 1
Varna 9000

Phone: +359 52 683256